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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Outfit Ideas...

I know its ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to find cute boy clothes out there. However, I have found some outfits that I love, and because I'm nice, I will share them with you! ;) I connected links to each item, but some aren't available anymore. The links should help you have an idea of where to find something similar though.

My Favorite Outifit of his!!! 
This cardigan is the cutest thing ever, I got it for my baby shower from my niece. I love the elbow pads!  They have an almost identical one at H&M now! Below is the direct link. ;)
The jeans are my fav too! They fit him perfectly, with an adjustable waistband. 

Cardigan: H&M 
Jeans: Hudson Jeans
Sunglasses: Carters

Such a good basic t-shirt… and oh so soft!

Raglan T: American Apparel

He was running away from me when I was trying to take a pic of this outfit, so sorry its not very clear. But I am obsessed with his little skinny jeans. I love the slim fit jeans on babies, because it shows off how small they really are.  ;)

Skinny Jeans: H&M 
(I bought mine in the store, couldn't find the skinnies online)
Grey Thermal: Kohls
Shoes: Toms

It's so hard to find plain T shirts! 

I found mine at Nordstrom Rack
Shorts: baby GAP

This shirt came with the tie! 

Shirt and Tie: Sovereign Code, Nordstrom
Jeans: Hudson Jeans

Casual and Comfy!

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Zara Baby

I LOVE this shirt. I think he looks like a cute little mini "lumberjack"

Pants: H&M skinnies