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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Freshly Picked Moccasins

Photo: Juls Megill Photography

I posted a review of Freshly Picked Moccasins last march, which was 9 months ago. Now Ryder is 2, and he is MUCH MORE ACTIVE! Every person that meets my son comments about how much energy he has, and how he "runs" and doesn't "walk" anywhere.  So, I wanted to give you an update of our personal experience on how they have been holding up now that he is older.

In March we got the Prince George Freshly Picked Moccasins, and 9 months later they are still in great condition, no holes or rips, the leather looks great and they shockingly STILL FIT him! And, yes, he has grown a ton! If you look through my instagram feed you can see how much he has worn them for "proof". ;) He has gone through 3 sizes of TOMS during these past 9 months and his current size in TOMS is still difficult to shove his fat feet into. He hates when we try to put his feet in them, so I usually feel bad, give up, and put his moccs on. Ryder actually gets excited to put his moccs on, and gives them to me to put on his feet when we are hanging around the house. Our most recent moccs are Ebony, they are the most gorgeous black leather that can be dressed up or down and super durable leather for every day wear.

The colors that currently fit Ryder are Prince George (Royal blue), Weathered Brown (distressed brown) and Ebony (black). I think the tumbled/textured style leathers (ie: Prince George and Ebony)  hold up best for the older kids because they are made out of a thicker leather. The weathered brown is a little thinner leather, but they are "oh so soft". They are still my personal favorite because they match practically everything!

I know, I know… where can you get them!? Freshly Picked Moccasins used to only be available directly from Freshlypicked.com, but now they are also available at select Nordstrom stores! I just went to Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza and it was so fun being able to see them all on display in person! I honestly was in Mocc Heaven! I wish I could own them all! There were such fun colors!!! I especially LOVED "Glacier" in person, its AMAZING. It would be perfect for a boy or a girl. Thinking about them now makes me want to take the plunge. The price may seem a little steep for most people, but believe me, they are they worth every penny! They fit my son for 9 months and he is still wearing them comfortably. But who doesn't like a deal? Make sure to follow Freshly Picked on Instagram and they will notify you of new products and tell you when they are discounting certain colors! I just got Merci and Stone Suede for $45 each! Yay!

Now…..who wants to win a pair!? I'll post the details here and on Instagram tomorrow! :)

Jeans: Hudson, Parker
Shirt: Target

Jeans: Gap Skinny, Grey
Top: CrewCuts

Gap Skinnies, Grey
Zara Top


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